Summerhill Antiques in Orange

Developing a style and structuring your life around that style is one of the pleasures of ownership, be it a business or a home. Summerhill has always been in a state of evolution. Beginning as a small antique shop with a decidedly French flair to what it is today, our specialties have expanded with our success, drawing courage and focus as our customer base has grown. Today we are confident in our selections and have a wonderful stable of artisans who help us provide a vast array of quality antiques in Orange. We truly love what we do.

antiques in Orange DeniseDenise Jochec

Antiques in Orange have been a constant since the 60s. In 1993, a dear friend and I opened our little space in a new antique mall on north Glassell. We sold small but pretty items and found we had a knack for buying well, refurbishing on a small scale and making enough in sales to keep us going for a year or so. Then a small shop became available on south Glassell. We opened there in early 1995, my friend left California two years later and I ran Summerhill for another 7 years.

When the larger shop at 110 S. Glassell became available, I took a long lease and have been operating here for ten years. A couple of years ago, I asked Katherine to join me. What an incredible addition she has been for the shop. Not only does she have vast knowledge of “wood” but she also has a terrific eye and keeps the shop looking fabulous. Antiques have always been our passion. The ability to buy, refurbish and sell these treasures has given us years of great enjoyment.

Katherine Grayantiques in Orange Katherine

My mother opened the first antique store in the Plaza in the early 60s, so I grew up surrounded by antiques. I inherited the shop from her in the 80s. During the time I operated her store, I met Bill Kotlar who owned the George II store. After selling my store, I went to work for Bill selling English and French furnishings that he imported from Europe. After many years there, I retired from the antiques business. But I found too much time on my hands, so when Denise offered me a chance to help her in her store, I felt truly blessed. Now I can help you find the perfect piece at Summerhill.