antique furniture

We find it hard to resist the uniquely romantic allure of hand-made antique furniture. There are exquisite elements in bench-made antique furniture, the thoughtful proportions, the selection of hardwoods, the decorative elements imagined and executed by master craftsmen. It is our pleasure and responsibility to preserve these gems, offering them to the next generation to care for them and enjoy their expressive personality.

Antique French furniture

Our inventory includes selections that span Louis XV, Louis XVI and Louis Philippe styles. All hardwoods are represented. We choose our antique French furniture based on craftsmanship, functionality and decorative appeal. Our inventory includes antique and vintage armoires, beds and bedroom furnishings, desks, vanities, settees, chairs and dining furniture.

Twentieth-Century antique and vintage furniture

An important period for vintage and antique furniture is the early twentieth century. Decorative bench-made wood furniture has survived the mid-century push toward metal and plastic furniture. We sell lovely examples of Neo-classic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Duncan Phyfe, Sheridan, Hepplewhite and Chippendale styles in the full spectrum of hardwoods as well as country French furniture crafted in oak and walnut.

Antique and vintage Asian furniture

The extraordinary quality and variety of Asian furniture and the interesting design element this style adds to a room is why we made the decision to add selected pieces to our inventory. Our favorite period is 1920s chinoiserie furniture, including mirrors, but we also love the true Asian furniture made of lovely hardwoods and early lacquer in blacks, golds and Chinese red.

All of our antique and vintage furniture is in the best possible condition, including complete hardware and hinges. Each piece is waxed, many are refinished to restore the quality and endurance of the woods.